Education Visions Podcast — Russian Version

Zooming in on stimulating and innovative views, practices, policies, and research from around the world in the field of education


Episode 3 – May 2023 – How to increase a country’s PISA performance. A policy report based on European Commission (2022). Successful PISA stories in the EU – How some Member states have been able to improve their performance over time: final report. Publications Office of the European Union.

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Episode 2 – April 2023 – Which futures for education? A review of Jacques Attali (2022). Histoires et avenirs de l’éducation. Flammarion. ISBN 978-2-0804-1534-9.

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Episode 1 – March 2023 – Do educational researchers have an influence on educational policy? A research report based on Tchibozo G. (2022). Researcher-expert collaboration and the involvement of education researchers in the making of education policy. Education Thinking, 2(1), 19-39.

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