Aims and Scope

Education Thinking‘s primary aim is to publish stand-alone literature reviews that present up-to-date overviews of existing knowledge on topics in any education-related field. All approaches to reviewing education research literature are welcome. Most preferably, articles are requested to comprehensively cover the research literature on their topic. They are expected to – in a structured manner – outline the main milestones of knowledge development on the topic; identify filiations of thought that shaped the knowledge accumulation process; highlight the main converging, contrasting or parallel views, approaches (including concepts, theories and methods) and results; emphasise the main findings; and spot the main shortcomings and points of weakness or uncertainty that invite further research in future.

Literature reviewing is a critical step in the research process. Reviews are a privileged medium for thinking education, helping figure out how education thought was forged over time, and suggesting how it can contribute guiding and shaping the future of education approaches, theories, policies and practices. Education Thinking aims to partake in providing its readers with comprehensive and structured insights as a starting point when addressing a research. To researchers, the journal intends to offer opportunities for early publishing the literature survey part of their ongoing long-run research. For those with extensive research experience in a field, Education Thinking also provides a platform to bring together, publish and share the knowledge acquired. Literature review chapters from recently defended doctoral dissertations are welcome.

To some extent, concept papers and other types of education research articles may be considered as well.

Education Thinking is an international peer-reviewed journal addressed to education researchers. It is online and open access. The articles must be written in English. The journal publishes one volume per year. Articles are published on an ongoing basis, following the article-based publication model.

Education Thinking – ISSN  2778-777X