Journal’s Research Areas

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01-Adolescence & Youth Development
02-Adult Learning
03-Arts Education
04-Assessment & Evaluation
05-Brain, Neurosciences & Education
06-Business Education
07-Child Labour & Education
08-Classroom Management
09-Communication & Education
10-Comparative & International Education
11-Competence-Oriented Education
12-Culture & Education
13-Curriculum Studies
14-Democracy, Citizenship & Education
15-Distance Education & e/m-Learning
16-Early Childhood Education
17-Economics Education
18-Education Economics
19-Education Policy
20-Educational Administration and Management
21-Educational Anthropology
22-Educational Epistemology
23-Educational Leadership
24-Educational Psychology
25-Educational Theory and General Pedagogy
26-Environmental Education
27-Ethnicity & Education
28-Gender & Education
29-Guidance & Counselling
30-Health Education
31-Higher Education
32-History of Education
33-Instructional Design & Engineering
34-Language Education
35-Law & Education
36-Lifelong Learning
37-Literacy Education
38-Management of Educational Research
39-Mathematics Education
40-Measurement & Statistics
41-Mentoring & Coaching
42-Mixed Research Methods
43-Peace Education
44-Philanthropy and Education
45-Philosophy of Education
46-Physical Education & Sport
47-Politics of Education
48-Primary Education
49-Qualitative Research Methods
50-Quality in Education
51-Quantitative Research Methods
52-Religion, Spirituality & Education
53-Rural Education
54-School Effectiveness & Improvement
55-Schools & Communities
56-School-to-Work Transition
57-Science Education
58-Secondary Education
59-Self-Regulated Learning
60-Sociology of Education
61-Special & Inclusive Education
62-Student Success Analysis
63-Teacher Education & Development
64-Technical & Vocational Education & Training
65-Technologies for Learning
66-Values & Education
67-Methodology of Literature Reviews
68-Family and Child Studies
69-Institutional Research and Research on Institutional Settings in Education
70-Education & Social Inclusion, Equity, Cohesion
71-Teacher-Student Relationships
72-Rehabilitation Counseling & Disability Sciences
73-Gifted Education
74-Other: please specify
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